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Woodworking projects generally require, well, wood.  You can get dimensioned lumber and plywood from Home Depot, Lowes, Tart, TW Perry, etc.  Dimensioned lumber being 2x4s, 2x10s, etc.  Rough lumber is where you'll find more variety of types like maple, cherry, oak, etc.  Rough lumber is sold in 4ths, so a 2/4 thick piece of lumber will actually be 1/2 (as opposed to dimensioned lumber, which is usually 1/2 inch smaller than the stated size).  Rough lumber is sold by the board foot.

There are several sources for rough lumber in the area.  If you have used any of these in the past please add some comments/review about them.  Know of others? Add them to the list.

  • Riverbend Sawmill (link needed, do they have a web site?). 
    • Located near Goose Creek golf course, so very convenient to Makersmiths
    • Focused on wholesale, so not much for the maker/woodworker.  Some slabs, but they sit outside in the weather
  • Local Wood in Leesburg and Berryville, VA 
    • Focus on wood milled from local source
  • Dunlap Woodcrafts in Chantilly, VA
    • Focus on supplies for gun stocks, musical instruments, but has other suppl
  • Northland Forest Products in Manassas,VA
    • Wide selection of types and sizes.  Great source
    • They may have short sections availabl
  • Herbine Hardwoods in Lucketts, VA (call for appointment Rick Herbine 703-771-3067 or 571-919-5372)
    • Small sawmill - Specialize in ruff cut natural-edge slabs and quartersawn lumber. For up-to-date lumber check out their facebook page.
  •  Vienna Hardwoods in Vienna, VA
  • Tart lumber in Sterling, VA

  • Eco-Friendly Lumber in Catharpin, VA
    • All of our Lumber is produced from trees locally salvaged from construction sites in Northern Virginia.

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