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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time and Location:

May 22, 2018 at 7:00PM at Purceville Location

Consent Agenda


Prior minutes

None - will be approved at subsequent board meeting

Officer Reports:






Financial Statement

Member Reports:


Committee Reports:


Old Business:


New Business:

NB1:  Purceville Budget

Purcellville Work List 2018.xlsx




7:00PM Call to Order

NamePositionRoll Call
Brad HessBoard Member, Chairperson Present
Brandon BullisBoard Member, Secretary Present
Dave PainterBoard Member Present
 Juli RavasBoard Member* Present
 Mark MillsapBoard Member Present
 Vacant Board Member n/a
 VacantBoard Member n/a

*Julie Ravas served as Secretary for this meeting.




NB1 Purcellville Budget

  • Brad started the meeting with acknowledgement that the $7,000 + expenses submitted by Dave had been approved, and the additional $7,0000 to get Purceville running was the topic for discussion at the meeting.  The discussion continued on an overview of the items on the list sent by Dave (and noted on screen) starting with big ticket items and identifying if any such items could be spread over the next 4-6 months.  The discussion continued amongst the individuals present to go through various scenarios on what was needed to get machines on line.  Included discussion about materials, circuits, meters etc.  Alternatives were also discussed about the pros/cons on possibly spending more money now to have less expenses as we go. 
  • There was also some additional discussion about air conditioning and some possible short-term options.
  • The conversation moved to the June 2 Grand Opening, and concern over if we delay could hurt us in attracting new members.  Dave P.  stated that we will have the Grand Opening. 
  • Discussion then was over whether we should approve $5,000 from the budget to try and address the items on the punch list from Dave. 
  • There continued some discussion about the greatest need in Purceville is get people through the door.  The need for consistent membership communications, payment terms and that Purceville follow the same policy’s as Leesburg was discussed.  There was also agreement/approval that an August lock would be installed. 

- Motion: $5,000 be allocated to Purceville buildout with the intent to cover expenses in assisting to getting to a Grand Opening of Makersmiths Purceville to drive up membership.
   - Proposed by:  Brandon Bullis
   - Seconded by:  Brad Hess
-Call for vote
   -  In favor:  Dave Painter, Brandon Bullis, Brad Hess and Juli Ravas all voted for the motion
   -  Opposed:  Mark Millsap
    -  Motion PASSED

Next meeting set for June 27, 2018

9:30PM Meeting called to close


Action Items:

StatusItem DescriptionResponsible Party

Approved Spending Tracking: 

$7000+Purcellville Build-out Reimbursement to Dave Painter.  This expenditure was approved during last meeting but did not make the Approved Spending TrackingGeneral 
 $5000 Purcellville Build-out  General
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