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Time and Location:

February 24, 2021 7:00PM at Virtual Meeting

Call to Order

Call to Order

NamePositionBoard Year in TermRoll Call
Brad Hess (Brad Hess)
Board Member, Chairperson


Brandon Bullis (Brandon Bullis)
Board Member2Y
Dave Painter (David Painter)
Board Member1Y
James Waldron (James Waldron)
Board Member3Y
Jonathan White (Jonathan White )
Board Member, Secretary1Y
Erin Werling (Erin Werling)
Board Member2Y
Michael James (Michael James)
Board Member2Y

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.Any member may propose an item on the agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via Slack. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the consent agenda items is 48 hours prior to the meeting. Please note, agenda items (Consent, New, or Old) that request spending $250 or more must include a section on "Relevance to our tax exempt purpose".

CA1: Complimentary Membership Renewals (John Dubelko)

Problem:  We have two complementary members that would like to renew their membership for another 3 months. They are Jason Hill and Saadiq Hasan.  Over the last 3 months, Jason's activities included cleaning up the woodshop and other areas at MS-P, starting to develop a ceramics virtual curriculum, and working to bring the new clay plug mill online. If the membership is renewed, he plans on holding virtual ceramics classes, get the plug mill up and running, and general cleaning up of various areas at MS-P over the next 3 months.  Over the last 3 months, Saadiq has helped clean up and organize the woodturning room, cleaned up the MS-L woodshop on several occasions, and started work on a MS-L woodshop video training program. Over the next three months, he will advise us on any changes we should make to our COVID pandemic protocols, continue with the MS-L woodshop video project, and work on a shelving project for the electronics room. Saadiq is finishing his public health master's degree and will be going to medical school in August.
If these two are approved, we will have a total of three complimentary memberships. 

Solution: Approve another 3 months of complimentary membership for Janson and Saadiq.

Relevance to our tax-exempt status: none

Motion:  Approve another 3 months of complimentary membership for Janson and Saadiq.

Discussion: John spoke about the two members for complimentary membership renewal for 3 months.

CA2: Appointment of Chair of Membership Committee (Scott Newman)

ProblemBylaw 3.8.4 and the Standing Rules dictate that Committees must have a minimum of 3 members and that Committees and Chairpersons are appointed by the Board of Directors. While Scott Newman has been acting in this role since November 30, 2020, the board has not formally appointed him to this role.

SolutionBoard should approve Membership Committee and appoints its Chair.

Relevance to our tax exempt status: None

MotionThe board formally recognizes the Membership Committee with Scott Newman as its Chair and Saadiq Hasan, Anthony Lesink, Jessee Maloney, and Scott Newman as its members.

Discussion: Scott said that this is a formality of the rules.

CA3 Revision to Approved Budget (John Dubelko)

Problem:  The 2020 and 2021 budgets had an incorrect rent credit of $1,300 a month in year 4 of the Leesburg lease. The correct credit should be $1,200 a month. This lead to a payment of $100 less than what the lease stipulated in the months from July - December 2020 and February of 2021. 

Solution:  Change the 2021 budget to reflect a $1,200 rent credit from Dec to June 2021 (Year 4 of the lease).  Pay $700 to cover the back rent from July -December 2020 and February 2021.  The January 2021 rent check was correctly written for $2,400. 

Relevance to our tax-exempt status: none

Motion: Change the 2021 budget to reflect a $1,200 rent credit from Dec to June 2021 (Year 4 of the lease).  Pay $700 to cover the back rent from July -December 2020 and Feb 2021.  The modified budget is attached below.

Discussion: No discussion required

Vote: Vote on all Consent Agenda Items: Passed unanimously.

Prior minutes

2021-01-27 Meeting of the Board of the Directors - Agenda/Minutes

Jim motions to approve. Michael seconds.

Vote: Unanimous in favor of approval.

Officer Reports:


Altercation in Purcellville last week.  Dave has only spoken to one of those involved.  Expectation that members sort their disagreements out between themselves.  Dave doesn't believe any rules were broken other than two members shouldn't be getting physical with each other in the space.  



Total income was 6,885 in January.  Total expenses were 11,176.  Expenses were unusually high this month.  Membership income was 77% of budget.  No class income was budgeted but we did have some. 

On expenses, rent in Leesburg represents both January and February.  February rent was paid early.  Shop supplies were higher but that reflects some repairs that occurred in 2020 but where the checks were banked in January 2021.  Power in Leesburg was only 47% of projection so that continues to be low.  Insurance which was due in December cleared in January.  

John D explained the delta in revenue for Memberships for the month of January.  Fewer members than budgeted but there were also some billing issues and timing of payment issues that impacted January.  

Financial Statement: 

Member Reports:

No member reports.

ommittee Reports:

New Member Orientation Committee (Chairperson Jessica Maloney)

Added to the slides.  There have been a lot of people cancelling classes so we are explaining to them how to cancel a class if they cannot make it.  Jessee and Scott have done 3 new member orientation classes this month.

Website Committee (Chairperson Jessica Maloney)

Nothing new on website.

Scott - John Edwards reached out to Scott and is ready to help with the website.

Jonathan asked about getting new calendars added for Big Blue and Big Red.  Send links to Jessee to add.

Membership Committee (Chairperson Scott Newman )

Memberships up to 84.7 FTE.  Memberships continue to go up.  Scott has created a Slack channel for the committee.  New members of the committee have been added.  First virtual open house.  List of pending tasks from Scott in the presentation.  Discussion of creating video tour of the spaces.  Discussion with Pace from Local Wood and there's some potential interest in working together.

Jonathan let Scott know that there are some space videos available to use.  Jessee is going to work on the audio for those videos.  Michael also said that there are some 360 degree photos of the space available.

Social Outreach Committee:  (Chairperson Jessica Maloney)

Leesburg Facility Committee (Chairperson Brad Hess)

Brad has been out of town - no new report this week.

Purcellville Facility Committee (Chairperson Tom Hill)

Last snow hit us hard in Pville since we have no means of removing snow.  Situation on Saturday where classes were booked but many people without 4 wheel drive couldn't get up the driveway.  Long term we need to plan for how we will deal with snow and ice.  Person who wanted it has not collected it and has not responded to messages.  Suggestion is to donate it.  

Scheduling Committee (Chairperson Diane DeMott Painter)

No report this month.

Special Projects Committee (Chairperson Mike Werling)

No special projects due to COVID

Welding Committee (Chairperson Arthur 'Skip' Smith)

Skip has done some classes this week.  Plasma table is closer to completion.  Expects it to be a couple of weeks.

Newsletter Committee (Chairperson Diane DeMott Painter )

Latest newsletter went out on time.  Additional notes next month.

IT Committee (Chairperson Michael James)

Inventory for Leesburg completed.  Looking at new equipment that has been dropped in the 3D printing room.  New table for laser cutter computer.  Removed one computer that was not doing well.  Working on calendars for CNC machines and anything else that we need calendars for.  GSuite separates items into building, room and resource.  Working to get all resources bookable with forms.  

With the large plotter in Leesburg, we had a few cartridges.  We need to gauge interest in Leesburg.  Embark has asked that if we are not going to use it that we donate it to them.  Not as cheap to run in Leesburg, but has 9 color archive quality prints. One suggestion to put it out for free on 24" paper and see how much use it gets.   Alternative is to charge for it and see how many people use it and if any issues are found, they take a photo of the failed print and get refunded.  Only color having issues currently is the photo black.  Looks like it is currently working.  Michael offering to purchase two cartridges to see how much use it gets.  John said three options are to keep Epson ink, convert to cheaper ink, or donate to Embark.  

Video Committee (Chairperson Adam "Squirrl" McClintock)

No new report from Squirrl.  Rich Zringer has rejoined Makersmiths who is also a videographer and has offered to help with video production.  

Custom Frame Shop Committee (Chairperson Anthony Lesink)

Nothing new in last month.  Some wiring and other work to finish when weather warms up again.  Once a string of warm days happens we should be able to get that moving again.

Radio Club Committee (Chairperson Allon Stern )

No report this month.

Old Business:

OB1: Craig Thomas Complimentary Membership (John Dubelko)

ProblemCraig Thomas is a Loudoun County Firefighter and interested in a complimentary membership. He would like to help us with our safety equipment setup and general maintenance/cleaning in exchange for membership. Craig likes woodworking and wants to learn more about blacksmithing. He agrees with the 4-6 hour a month commitment for this membership.

SolutionMake Craig a complimentary member.  Currently there are 3 of the 5 memberships available.

Relevance to our tax exempt status: none

Motion: Make Craig Thomas a complimentary member for 3 months.

Discussion - Discussion held about role that he could support.  Idea that there need to be concrete tasks for complimentary members to do.  Questions about whether complimentary members get free classes - discussion that these would be free when they were related directly to the duties being performed for the complimentary membership.  John will supply a list of tasks that Craig will contribute and then the board will vote via Slack at a later date.

Vote: Postponed and will be completed via Slack.

Follow up on 02-24-2021: Vote taken by Board on Slack.  Approved.

OB2: Town of Purcellville Train Station Kiosk (@Stosh)

Problem: The Town of Purcellville wants to build a kiosk for the historic train station.

SolutionThrough my association with the Town of Purcellville Planning Commission, I was contacted by a member of the Town of Purcellville’s Train Station Advisory Board (TSAB). TSAB is interested in hiring the Makerspace to create a product. The City of  Manassas has a kiosk located at their historic train station and TSAB would like to have a similar one made to place at the Purcellville train station. Unfortunately, Manassas has no records on who created theirs or when, and does not have plans.

TSAB is offering Makersmiths the opportunity to build the kiosk. TSAB has funds to expend on this which they must execute by May 2021. I’ve made no commitment to TSAB aside from telling them I would take their proposal to the Makersmith’s Board. A few pictures are attached on the following page, and I have a half dozen more for reference should the Board decide to go forward with it. The kiosk is metal, not wood (and I cited Makersmiths having few metalworkers compared to our number of woodworkers as a reason we might not be able to take it on). TSAB is also open to a little artistic license or suggested improvements, such as adding a solar panel, battery and lights.  If we have the means and personnel, I suggest this would be a way to get local recognition (I’m sure the town would help with local media and probably would have a ribbon cutting) and give back to the community (while being reimbursed for the effort). Should Makersmiths not choose to do this as an organization, I’ll forward this to our members who are metalsmiths and see if they’d want to take it on a job.

Relevance to our tax exempt status: N/A

Motion: I propose that Makersmiths commit to working with the TSAB to build the kiosk at the historic train station.

Discussion: Stosh described the ask from the Town of Purcellville a little bit further.  Dave said that metal will be expensive, but that we don't necessarily have the right tools to make some of the parts.  Stosh said that the town is open to ideas.  Dave believes the metal and processing would be a few thousand dollars even before processing and manufacturing.  Stosh can find out what their budget is.  Christa asked about the impacts on non-profit status - Dave and John said there is no issue.  Would be interesting to use the project to get people interested in the project.  Could potentially get enough from the project to purchase another tool for the shop.  Dave will put a better estimate of costs together.  Lot of upside for both sides.

Vote: Postponed - Dave will provide Stosh with estimate that can be taken to Town for validation that they will spend the value required. Stosh will get feedback from the Town.

Follow up on 02-24-2021: Meeting amongst members last night.  Town has the funding to participate.  Project is divided such that people who want to learn metalworking can participate, and those that want to help with solar power and a device to play train sounds is available.  Anyone who wants to be involved and do sheet metal working and welding can go ahead. No need for further vote.

OB3: Epson 9890 Plotter (Michael James )

Problem: Starting Ink Set for Epson Stylus Pro 9890 Plotter

Solution: Request for Funds

Relevance to our tax exempt status: None

Proposed Motion: I have a few quotes for third party refillable ink cartridges. I have been requesting donations of the cartridges from various suppliers. Some have offered additional discounts. See attached quotes. I move that we allocate funds in the amount of $750 to get the plotter going. Ink Owl sent an updated proforma quote, Need to check the differences.


Discussion: Dave asked if this was an upgrade from the one in PVille.  Michael said it should be better and that it has high quality inks even with non OEM.  They are going to ask the laser repair folks if it is something they would purchase from us.  For the $420, that printer should run for us 2-3 years.  That should last us quite a long time.  It will cost us more to turn it off and back on as we would have to continue cleaning the ink heads.  We can charge for the plotter use like we do in Pville.  Dave suggested we talk at the members meeting about how many people would use the printer.  Let's gather some more information - laser company buying it, getting corporate sponsorship, seeing how much members would pay for use.  

Vote: More information gathering required before voting as above.

Follow up on 02-24-2021: Still under discussion and analysis.  

OB4: Machine Access Controls (James Waldron)

Problem:  We are not currently able to gather machine operating hours or control machine access. Anyone can use any machine whether they have taken Red Tool training or not. This sometimes leads to machine damage and expensive repairs. Lack of usage information means that preventive maintenance is not related to actual machine time, may be overdue, or be performed too often.

Solution: Fit select machines with access controls. Device to allow only authorized users and to log usage information. There are both home grown and commercial options available. Home grown solutions are less expensive but initially have fewer features. Commercial options are more expensive but more fully featured. Integration with our existing systems and data stores are likely easier for home grown solutions, possibly harder for commercial solutions.

Relevance to our tax exempt status:  None

Proposed Motion:  Adopt Machine Controls for Select Machines. Establish a small Machine Control committee to; determine which machines need to be controlled, investigate the current commercial and home grown solutions and select 3, present those to the Board at the February meeting. The Board to select a solution at the February meeting.

Discussion: Jim says he probably has enough parts to build some working prototypes.  Dave - would like to see building a few of these and putting them in place and testing.  We almost had to buy a new tablesaw this week given the Delta organization being onsold multiple times.  This would have been $250 in parts that aren't available anymore.  Jim said it would be made available for Android and iPhone and you would use an app.  It would enable the machine for an hour at a time and sense current that would then extend the machine on time automatically.

Amended Proposed Motion: Establish a small Machine Control committee to test a machine control solution and present the results and proposed costs to the Board at the February meeting. 

Vote: Unanimous in favor.

Follow up on 02-24-2021: Delays due to snow storms but not ready to demo yet.

New Business:

NB1: Description (@Submitter's Name) 



Relevance to our tax exempt status

Proposed Motion:  


Amended Proposed Motion: 


Open Discussion

During committee reports, discussion of promotion of classes and other content as use of Marketing Budget short term.  Seems to work on classes and some of our donation request for PPE in the past.  

New equipment discussion:

  • John presenting on UV Flatbed scanner.
    • Discussion around some extra pricing and usage rules. Do we finance or self finance?
    • John continuing to evaluate quotes

Erin pointed out that Michael James, Brandon and Erin are all up for re-election in June.  They need to say whether or not they will be rerunning.


Meeting adjourned at 8:49

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