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Makersmiths Innovation Forge

General and Safety Rules

Last updated November 21st, 2015




1. Be excellent to each other

2. Don’t do anything that would require us to write a new rule

3. When in doubt-ask.  In general, if you can get 2 other members to agree with you, and no one objects, then go ahead and do it, especially if you are improving the space.  Try to make sure you have asked the right 2 people if you are considering changes that require financial investment by the organization, or more than 2 hours of labor to undo. ☺

4. Nobody shall use hazardous equipment while alone in the space or without sufficient training. If you do not know how to use a tool you must ask for the assistance of someone who does. If you do not know if something is hazardous you must ask someone who does.

5. Please keep the space in a pleasant, clean and tidy state. Wash up any kitchenware and sweep up any sawdust etc. Pack away your projects when you're not working on them and put tools back where they belong. Items left on desk surfaces may be moved or disposed. Hot food/drink etc is allowed however please be considerate of others when consuming strong smelling foods.

6. Don't use the space for illegal or immoral purposes. 

7. Avoid doing harm to the Makersmiths reputation. Do not bring illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia or evidence of drug use to the space.

8. Restore makerspace to its default state, putting all materials, projects and tools away and leave it as good as or better than the state in which you found it, turn off all lights and tools, and lock the space before you leave. 

9. Keep entry and walkways clear of materials and debris.

10. Respect private and shared property. Don’t borrow something unless it’s understood it’s something you can use. If you do use something, replace it (Pay it forward!). If you break it, it is your responsibility to get it fixed. (ask for help if needed).

11. Under 18s may not enter the space without a responsible adult; they can only use equipment that they have been certified on, and then must follow any and all minor supervision rules required for that equipment. The responsible adult can be a parent/guardian, or any adult member with permission from a trustee and a parent/guardian in advance. Said responsible adult assumes all responsibility for the actions and safety of said minor.

12. Members must not operate hazardous equipment while their judgement or reaction times are impaired.

13. Keep your key secure. Members agree to not share or loan their key, even to other members.

14. All members must take appropriate training before using tools, and all members are required to attend the Membership Indoctrination course, which will be provided at least once each month. Membership Indoctrination allows members to use all “Green” tools.  Yellow and Red tools require additional training, and cannot be used until that additional training is successfully completed.

15. All new visitors to the space must sign a waiver, whether they are member or non-member.

16. Members have 24/7/365 access, but keep noise and fumes to a bare minimum M-F, 8-5

17. Parking is VERY limited, M-F, 8-5.  During these times, park only in spaces in our driveway, or out on the street, and not in the other parking spaces/lots adjacent to Makersmiths.

18. Non-members are welcome in the space under one of the following conditions (rule # 15 applies): A) They are a guest of a member, who is present in the space; B) They are attending a workshop or class; C) Makersmiths is holding an open house or drop-in session.

19. Dispose all trash in the proper place, i.e. recycling in the recycling, trash in the trash can.  Do not leave food out, nor leave trash in trash receptacles that will attract fruit flies.

20. Keep the community refrigerator clean. All items placed in refrigerator should be labeled with the member's name and current date. All food that is left overnight or is unlabeled will be considered disposable, including its container. (not applicable to fermented liquid refreshments).

21. If you must leave out an ongoing project, put a name, date, and contact information on it.

22. Report any faulty or defective equipment to Makersmiths tool meister immediately (

23. Report any injuries, no matter how minor, to Makersmiths immediately (


Safety Rules

24. If you see any unsafe act or operation, YOU are empowered to stop it and/or mark the workspace as unsafe. Report it to info@makersmiths.orgimmediately afterwards.

25. TRAINING. All members need to be trained in basic shop safety, tool use, and project planning. All members need to be trained on specific tools prior to working with them, or demonstrate their understanding to staff. Only members who have been trained in proper maintenance procedures are allowed to maintain machinery (change oil, blades,belts, cutting heads, etc.).

26. DRESS. Dress properly for your work. Remove coats and jackets, and roll up loose sleeves. Secure long hair, jewelry, or any other item on your person that could cause you to become caught in a machine or tool.

27. FIRE PROTECTION. Many finishing materials, thinners, etc. are highly flammable. Others are toxic. Because of this, it is important that these materials be used only in approved areas. In addition, close cans of finishing materials and thinners immediately after use. Use flammable liquids in very small quantities. Be sure the container is labeled. Dispose of oily rags and other combustible materials immediately, or store them in an approved container. ALL HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AND LIQUIDS ARE TO BE STORED IN THE HAZMAT CABINET.

28. FIRST AID. A first aid kit is provided for members in both the main space and woodshop.

29. EYE PROTECTION. Wear safety glasses or a face shield when doing any operation, observing another member, or any other task that may endanger your eyes. Be sure you have enough good light to see what you are doing without straining your eyes. SAFETY GLASSES ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES IN THE WOOD SHOP.

30. RESPIRATORY PROTECTION. In any procedure which results in the creation of fine dust (sanding, cutting of masonry or painted wood (potential exposure to silicates and heavy metal dust.), spray finishing, etc.), some form of respiratory protection is suggested. At minimum, dust masks should be N95 NIOSH approved. Dust/Fume collection is required, and cleaning up afterwards goes without saying.

31. EAR PROTECTION. In any procedure in which generates loud noises hearing protection is highly suggested. Either/both headphone style hearing protection and earplugs may be used.

32. TOOL ACQUISITION. No member should purchase and donate a tool for the Makersmiths without first discussing options with a) toolmeister and b) room steward for the room it is intended to go in. When new tools are procured, all attempts should be made to purchase tools with advanced safety features.

33. TOOL MAINTENANCE. If a tool breaks or malfunctions, notify a room steward immediately. Only authorized members are allowed to perform tool maintenance or adjustment. Tools must be unplugged/locked out prior to the start of any maintenance.



TO become a member, you must:

  1. Attend a scheduled tour of the Space;

  2. Be sponsored by an existing member

  3. Attend a scheduled orientation meeting;

  4. Read the Policies, complete and sign a Membership Agreement;

  5. Submit your completed Membership Application, and initial dues in the staff mailbox;

  6. When an authorized Makersmiths staff member has accepted your Membership Agreement, Makersmiths will contact you to confirm your membership and provide a key to the space.

  7. Membership fees are non-refundable.



Dues for each month must be paid by the 15th of the preceding month. For example, April dues should be paid by March 15th. Online payments through the Makersmiths website ensure timely and automated processing of membership dues but dues may also be paid by delivering a check payable to Makersmiths Membership mailbox. Members who fail to pay their dues by the deadline are granted one 30-day grace period before their membership is deactivated. Currently available plans are:

Member Type      Monthly                     6 Months         12 Months

Full                      $100.00                     $500                $1,000.00

Associate            $50 (suggested)        $250                $500.00

Associates do not get a key, but can use the space and tools when other members are available and in the space.

Storage: Currently there are a limited number of small “cubby” boxes available on a first-come, first serve basis, based on membership #/seniority. Additional storage may be able to be arranged at our offsite storage locker for an additional fee.

Full Membership rights –

  1. Access to the Space to work on projects either on your own or in collaboration with other Members.

  2. Permission to bring guests, limited to 3, who shall remain under the control of the Member.

  3. The Member accepts full responsibility for any of their guests’ actions.

  4. Use of all community tools and equipment within the space, subject to restrictions applicable to specific tools as noted in the Space.

  5. Reduced fees to certain workshops and events (not including the cost of parts, supplies, etc.).


Makersmiths does NOT generally supply consumables such as material for your project, nails, glue, 3D printer medium, etc  There may be some left behind and appropriately marked by other members, but please respect the rules associated with this equipment. Pay it forward.



A membership shall terminate if any of the following events happen:

1. The Member resigns by providing notice in writing;

2. The membership term expires and is not renewed;

3. The Member fails to pay dues, fees, or assessments within 30 days after they are due and payable;

4. An event occurs that renders the Member ineligible for membership, or the Member is no longer able to satisfy membership qualifications, or does not maintain the responsibilities of membership;

5. The Board makes a good faith determination that the Member has materially failed to observe the rules of conduct of the Space, or has engaged in conduct prejudicial to Makersmiths purposes and interests. In the event that the Board terminates a membership, the Member shall return the Key immediately

Room Rules:

Each room/shop can have its own rules, as per the “room steward”.  Each room should have the room steward’s name listed. Woodshop, metal shop, etc for example, will have own rules, and additional required training.


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  1. Mark R Millsap  This is partially a test to see if email is working, but also a request to review this and the Makersmiths Rules and Regulations (Working Copy) to see which one is the correct and most up to date.  Let me know if you have any questions about them