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Purcellville tools

  • separate Makercycle materials
  • Recycling (metal)
  • For sale small's (Tag Sale)
  • For sale large items (Auction/Craigslist)
  • Organize and photograph for sale large items
  • Continue sort of items as outlined above
  • Complete sort of items as outline above
  • Move Tag sale items to Purcellville lower building
  • Move or breakdown aluminum furniture that is not being used
  • Notify all members that anything personal stored at the warehouse needs the be claimed of removed by November 21st or it will be trashed, disposed, sold, destroyed, donated, etc. as Board deems appropriate.

Saturday, January 6th 10AM to 3PM (Need 5-7 people)

Load and disposal of known junk (3-4 people)

Initial sort and load of metal recycle into trailer/trucks. 

    • 1 truck/trailer for aluminum
    • 1 truck/trailer for steel
    • 1 truck/trailer and everything else.


Saturday, January 13th 10AM to 4PM (Need 6-8 people)

Move to Purcellville Need 3 or 4 strong people

  • Large equipment to Purcellville  (Rent truck approx $300.00)
  • White doors
  • Identify remaining items that would be of use at Purcellville (Furniture, Cabinets, Material)

Recycle:  Need 3 people

  • Offer all remaining wood materials to Members.  Pick up in Berryville (scrap leftovers on 20th and/or 27th)
  • dump:  scraps, trash unwanted stuff, junk, etc.

Saturday, January 20th 10AM to 3PM (Need 4-6 people, trucks and trailers)

  • Move paint booth to Purcellville
  • Dispose of any unwanted wood in racks to dump
  • Dispose of any junk/trash to dump

 Sunday, January 21st 9AM to 3PM (Need 4-6 people, trucks and trailers)

  • Move Dust collector to Purcellville
  • Move Stroke Sander to Purcellville
  • Move Plasma Table to Purcellville
  • Move 2 Transformers to Purcellville
  • Move empty shelving to Purcellville
  • Move single-sided lumber rack to Purcellville
  • Move roller rack to Purcellville
  • Move drawer sides to Purcellville

Saturday, January 27th 10AM to 4PM (Need at least 6-8 people, Need as many trucks and trailers as we can get)

  • Clean out (January 27-28)  All Hands on Deck
  • put all electronics recycling on a pallet inside the warehouse
  • Move rolling table to Purcellville
  • Move any remaining items specifically approved by David Painter to P-ville
  • Dump runs: 
    • pallet of florescent lights
    • outside trash next to florescent lights
    • any trash inside warehouse
  • Foundry items
  • Dust collections bags

Sunday, January 28th TBD based on work day(All hands on Deck, Need as many trucks and trailers as we can get)

  • Final clean out (January 27-28)  All Hands on Deck
  • Move any remaining items specifically approved by David Painter to P-ville
  • Empty Warehouse of all remaining Makersmith items
  • Dump Run(s)

Currently TBD but will be included in one of work days listed above:

Foundry Stuff:

    • Mark R Millsap Contact Pat to see if he has any plans for molds, etc.
    • Offer unwanted Foundry stuff to Members (Christa Stern has already stated interest).  Must be picked up on or before January 27th


  • Mark R Millsap list SUV on Craigslist
  • Mini Cooper - Sold - John Dubelko arrange pickup by buyer on Saturday 1/28 during work day.
  • Rover - relocate to Purcellville to continue efforts to sell

Misc stuff:

    • What to do with metal wood storage racks (South side of warehouse)?
    • David Painter Confirm with C2/Carlton that they'll take the electronic recycle currently outside the warehouse
    • Folding Tables from Ham Fest
    • HVAC Unit


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