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This printer has been modified with a heated bed. Despite it's rugged looks, it is one of our most reliable printers.



For best results, use Ultimaker Cura with the following settings:

Go to Settings->Add Printer

Under Other select PrintrBot Simple Metal Extended

Click Add Printer

Turning it On

Plug in the power supply. It doesn't have a power switch.

Leveling the Bed

This printer is equipped with a bed leveling sensor. If the extruder head bed clearance is more than 0.25mm then it needs to be adjusted. Please leave adjustments to the 3D printer admins.

Loading and Unloading Filament

  1. Preheat the hot end. It's much easier to use the Repetier print server controls so you can monitor temperature.
  2. When the hot end temperature exceeds 170C press down on the lever on the extruder and gently pull the filament from the extruder.
  3. Insert the new filament in the same manner, holding down the lever until the filament is fully inserted into the hot end.


Log In to the Repetier print server at


  • Unplug the printer.

  • Place a prominent note on it describing the problem.

  • Let someone know through the #3dprinters channel on Slack.


ExtruderSingle 0.4mm
Heated BedYes
Resolution100 microns (0.1mm)
Materials SupportedPLA, ABS
Formats gcode
SoftwareCura, Slic3r
ConnectionsRepetier @


MakerSmithsMike O'Brien



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