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Clean Up/Get Rid Of

There are a lot of materials/partial projects in the room.  We need to find owners, or if nobody claims the items, someone who wants it.  Any claimed items need to be taken away, any unclaimed will be thrown away by a date TBD.  Work in progress should be pointed out to the team and a planned date of completion named.

All wood stock, glue-ups, and so forth that are not labeled will be gathered into a central location for identification and claiming.  This includes stuff in the cabinet to the left of the sliding door, stuff under the work bench, leaning against the wall bay the table saw or in the corner to the right of the sliding door, in the bathroom, and anywhere else we've found places to put stuff "out of the way".  These need to be removed from the room for now.  We need the room to be able to plan and implement organization.  Eventually we may have some room for temporary storage of stock.

There is also a rack of materials by the back door.  Most of these are left from the landlord.  Useful materials should be identified and claimed, the rest thrown away.  Ladders - Werner A-frame, Werner multi-ladder, scaffold. Need to be moved to the basement along with any painting gear (drop cloths, roller tray, joint compound).  Floor jack - is this any use at Royal Street?  Breaker Bar, level in case - Brandon Bullis your name is on those items, in case you were wondering where they disappeared to.  Small winch/come-a-long.


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