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This printer has been modified with a heated bed. Despite it's rugged looks, it is one of our most reliable printers.



For best results, use Ultimaker Cura with the following settings:


Under Other select PrintrBot Simple Metal Extended

Click Add Printer

To Start Printing:

Log In:

Connect to and log in.


Turn on the power supply behind it by plugging in and turning the switch to I, after a few moments a green window should appear named PrintrBot Plus V1.

Heat Up: 

Turn on the bed and extruder to printing temperature of plastic being used, trying to heat the bed to around 90C to print ABS will take a while.


The extruder has a max temperature of 275*C and bed of 150*C, if it reaches that temperature it can trigger a safety which only turning the power off and after about 10 seconds, back on will reset it.


While heating, move to the Control tab on the server check that there is no solid plastic under the nozzle that can cause problems, then home the printer. If the nozzle hits the bed, use the knobs located at each corner of the bed to adjust the height of the bed. To raise the bed turn the knobs counter clock wise and to lower clockwise. Use the X and Y axis buttons to move the head around and check the distance between the bed and the nozzle is almost touching but not dragging. Once heated and filament is loaded(future step) print the first layer of the item and check if the nozzle is extruding properly and that the plastic is sticking properly to the bed, adjust the bed as needed until conditions are correct then stop the print and remove the test from the bed.

Loading Filament:

To add/replace filament, hold the wood support and push in on the two screws to relieve pressure on the red filament holder and lift up and pull back on the assembly. You should now see the hole that feeds the top of the extruder. Feed the wire through the red filament holder hold and then into the hole into the extruder. Now start to move the assembly back up while guiding the filament to be between the free wheel/bearing and the extruder gear. Now reverse steps to open the assembly to close it again. Move the extruder up 10mm using the Z axis buttons in the control tab and then use the extrude buttons to extrude some plastic until it starts to come out of the nozzle.


Upload your sliced model in .gcode format to the server and your ready to click print. Be sure to watch this printer as it can stop extruding plastic in the middle of the print. The fan is not controlled by the software, if cooling is needed (recommended for PLA) plug the fan in by hand, follow the fan wires out of the extruder assembly and find the power wire further down the bundle. Match the red wire to red and black to black. 


If part does not seem to stick to the bed well, apply some hair spray (purple aerosol can) by spraying on the bed and and using a cloth/paper towel to wipe it over the bed. Just use enough to make a thin layer, that is all that is needed. DO NOT get the spray on the silver rods that hold the extruder head, it will gum up the printer and wear it out.


Part Removal/Cleanup:

Use one of the tools on the 3d printer bench to get parts off. First let the bed cool, this will help and some times will pop the part off with out effort. This can be done with a gentle tap or a pull for smaller parts, for larger ones, work the tool under the part and work around the part not just one spot. Take your time another minute will not hurt if you waited 2hrs or more for the part to print, muscling the part off will damage the printer and/or bed.


Cura Configuration Files:

These are settings that seemed to work well when printing many different objects but tweek if needed as long as it stays inside specifications of the machine.

PrintrBot Plus PLA


If the printer breaks (and it will, so don't sweat it):

Turning it On

Plug in the power supply. It doesn't have a power switch.

Leveling the Bed

This printer is equipped with a bed leveling sensor. If the extruder head bed clearance is more than 0.25mm then it needs to be adjusted. Please leave adjustments to the 3D printer admins.

Loading and Unloading Filament

  1. Preheat the hot end. It's much easier to use the Repetier print server controls so you can monitor temperature.
  2. When the hot end temperature exceeds 170C press down on the lever on the extruder and gently pull the filament from the extruder.
  3. Insert the new filament in the same manner, holding down the lever until the filament is fully inserted into the hot end.


Log In to the Repetier print server at


  • Unplug the printer.

  • Place a prominent note on it describing the problem.

  • Let someone know through the #3dprinters channel on Slack.





Files Advanced:

Use this to re-flash the Printrbot plus if needed, Configured specifically for its version of printrboard.



  • 120mm x 130mm x 120mm (X-Y-Z) build dimensions
  • 90mm/s x 90mm/s x 3mm/s x 30mm/s (X-Y-Z-E) Max movement rates
  • 1.75mm filament
  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • Max Bed Temperature 150*C
  • Max Nozzle Temperature 275*C
  • Baud-rate 115200


ExtruderSingle 0.4mm
Heated BedYes
Resolution100 microns (0.1mm)
Materials SupportedPLA, ABS
Formats gcode
SoftwareCura, Slic3r
ConnectionsRepetier @


MakerSmithsMike O'Brien